Statement from Jane Doe 3’s Attorneys on Testimony During Weinstein Trial

Los Angeles, CA - Today, Lisa Banks, Debra Katz, and Genie Harrison, who represent “Jane Doe 3” in Harvey Weinstein’s second sex crimes trial, released the following statement upon the conclusion of their client’s three-day testimony.

Attorneys Lisa Banks, Debra Katz and Genie Harrison stated:

“We are incredibly proud of our client, Jane Doe 3, who courageously came forward to report that Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted her. For three days, she valiantly described the attack and the trauma he caused her and withstood aggressive cross-examination by Weinstein’s counsel who appeared to take pleasure in attacking her testimony because it became more complete over time as is typical of many sexual assault survivors. We have every confidence that the jury will see through these shameless tactics and convict Weinstein for his crimes.”